3 POS Tech Ways to Improve Your Stadium Operation in the Next Decade

By Ed Mullen

By Ed Mullen

EVP, Stadium 1


Incorporate the latest cloud-based system, software and hardware using smart terminals on one robust platform. The next decade is sure to bring some major changes in the processing power of computer technology.

The new Stadium1 POS platform has a built-in receipt printer and chip-card reader

with 4G capabilities to ensure if the WI-FI goes down the cell network will take over. Superior hardware direct from the original equipment manufacturer–OEM–supported by Stadium1. We have done it for the past decade with one phone call for hardware, software, service and support.


Software Functionality

Be aware of the latest functionality from Stadium1, such as a more robust order entry front-end screens for processing orders, live real-time inventory, stand sheets, loaded tickets, and work force management for scheduling with an employee app. On the mobile side, our fan app will accumulate points for prizes, with mobile in-seat ordering around the stadium. Plus, the self-serve stations can be installed around the stadium for additional food service.

When you position your team, school, and venue with Stadium1’s flexible software solution, it will make a positive impact in every aspect of your food and beverage and merchandise operation.


Real-Time Reporting and Dashboards

This is the most underestimated and least-thought-out detail of a stadium venue management system.

There are thousands of moving parts throughout an event, and it is imperative to have a dynamic dashboard to summarize all the reporting related to sales, expenses, inventory, fans and employees.

Stadium1 hits a grand slam when it comes to dashboard reporting. Our award-winning staff has designed a simple easy-to-use dashboard (works from every mobile device) that simply has become the standard of which GMs and owners look at the operation.

This is very relevant because the mobile dashboard unlocks the thousands of pieces of data from an event into one screen with drill-down menus that takes your venue operation to a new level and is proven to create more profitability while reducing expenses.

This analytic data, along with all the other comprehensive functionality within Stadium1, has been proven to help solve our clients’ business operational challenges in every department of their stadium management operations.


Stadium1 was designed specifically for stadium and operations, born online and created from the ground up with the most advanced cloud-based software programming technology tools, designed by a team owner with a world-class technology background. Stadium1 exists in the market today with tools that can help teams increase revenues, reduce theft and waste. The integrated management suite links all departments into a real-time system so ownership can make more informed pre-game, in-game and post-game decisions based on integrated technology. 

If you want more information on how Stadium1 can meet and exceed your venue needs with an integrated management system complete with state-of-the-art POS terminals, or if you are a Stadium1 customer and want more information on the full line of Stadium1 functionality, contact Ed Mullen at ed.mullen@stadium1.com or call 561-704-1414.


About the author — Ed Mullen is a recognized nationally invited speaker, author and performs educational software seminars on sports technology nationwide. He has managed and implemented thousands of computer and software systems into sports venues worldwide. His passion and understanding of Stadium1 clients, their goals and objectives enables Ed and his team to develop, market, and implement these unique sets of software services. These results are meeting the needs of his customers, allowing them to maximize their full revenue potential.

DME Sports Services

We looked for a POS system that was flexible, manageable, kept the line moving fast and is easy to use for our employees, Stadium1 fit that bill perfectly. Right from the onset of implementing our F&B inventory files, set up and training, the company’s service and support has been superb. The POS screens are designed for easy entry and the dashboard reporting keeps our management team informed of all of our business operations every minute of every event. Their platform is made for stadiums, and controls inventory like no other system from warehouse entry to the final sale. Stadium 1 brings a new dimension of satisfaction to help our company increase revenues and cut down on expenses.”

Dean O'Brian, CEO/President
DME Sports Services

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