The Year of the Fan Loyalty

By Ed Mullen

By Ed Mullen

EVP Stadium 1


2020 Is the Year of Building Your Own Loyalty Program

This will positively generate and create a new revenue channel and a stronger communication with fans and employees for your team in 2020

It’s off season and everyone is now thinking how we can do better in 2020. Ideas like-where within our stadium operation can we create and generate new revenue? How can we build a better fans experience, and touch our fans on a higher level?  How can we lift our employees to better communicate with management, while providing a new level of service and satisfaction to our fans and our ownership group?

Logging thousands of miles crossing this great country of ours I visited hundreds of venues over the last decade. I have found some answers that are simple, easy to implement and can have a very positive effect on your team, the fans, and your employees for next season.

First create a loyalty program – This is one the easiest and simplest things you can do if you have the right integrated software tools in place. Plus, it doesn’t cost very much when your prizes can be as simple as a used and autographed baseballs, bats, parties for the team and special promotional giveaways. The Stadium 1 loyalty program can create raffles, and give the fans a thrill by accumulating points with stadium purchases and then playing a lottery type of a scratch off game for prizes. The Stadium 1 Loyalty App can be implemented and advertised around the stadium to generate more profit for your            bottom-line while gaining more fan interaction with the team.

Second- Employee Scheduling App

Employees need attention and ways to be motivated.

Stadium 1 can help with an easy to use employee App which allows workers to see their shift, request changes and pick up shifts when they can. Every department head can control their employee schedules now using this one if kind integrated tool. Just post employee hours and shifts from our administrate program on our integrated platform and push the schedules out to our employee App for real time updates.

Third – Creating a meaningful database every season

One thing I hear all the time from ownership is how can we have a better handle on our customers. What are they buying, how much are they buying and when and where are they purchasing it around the stadium? Implementing the Stadium 1 Loyalty App will answer all these questions. Plus create a database of e-mail and cell phone numbers that creates a meaningful method of connecting and contacting the fans on a regular basis. Also, now you push updates and promotions through the app and offer some new and exciting prizes. Using the Stadium 1 GM/Owner App dashboard managers will be able to see in real time fan sign ups, loyalty points redeemed and spent within the stadium, from any mobile device connected to the internet or cell network.

In summary the Stadium 1 Loyalty App connects you with the fans and employees in real time. Now ownership will truly understand their business on a higher level. Our loyalty dashboard will now tell you how many fans signed up and how many loyalty points were used during a game. This one of kind, cloud-based system, which is completely integrated with our unique software solution is home run to multiple sports leagues, colleges and sports complexes nationwide. The Stadium 1 platform is a point to point end to end system which connects your concessions, merchandise, ticketing operations to your fans, employees so ownership will create added value for its operational flow on an entirely new level.


ROC Ventures

“As a sports management company we needed a POS company that has built a strong platform for hardware and software and is focused on all types of sporting venues. A solution that includes flexible software which can handle a vast array of sports teams, stadiums, arena venues and sports complexes.

After thoroughly researching the market we found Stadium 1 encompassed a comprehensive all in one platform with excellent report capabilities and a first class support staff. Implementing Stadium 1 has significantly contributed to our efficiency and a positive bottom line for all of our sports entities.”

Dan Kuenzi - President of Sports & Performance
ROC Ventures

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