Fan Engagement Through New Technology

By Ed Mullen

THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE FAN. The growth of sports team business lies within fan interaction and satisfaction. Our experience with years of tremendous feedback from the likes of professional sports teams, colleges, sports complexes, hospitals, retail establishments, concerts, festivals and outdoor events have enabled Stadium 1 to create the winning formula.

We have created a way to link ownership by pulling in the sponsors and plugging in the fans to create more revenue, higher fan retention and create a meaningful database. Furthermore, our platform gives management the ability to understand exactly what fans are buying, why and how they are buying, while building a strong CRM database for all fan types. This big picture approach is on ONE platform. We promote our fan engagement program through our back screen advertising on our POS units and with other marketing material the team places around the stadium.

What Stadium 1 has learned to do is engage fans with extremely interactive software and creative App software tools that put them in control of simply doing what they want to do at your venue.

blog-image-1 Back screen advertising of the team loyalty program on Stadium 1 POS units.

However, the hottest way we have found to engage fans is a team raffle and or sweepstakes game found on our Fan App. The key is to have them buy items and create points that will allow them to bid on various items from the team. Another key component is the Stadium 1 loyalty program will track the invited guest in a suite, the walk-ups fans that only pay cash for tickets and other products once they sign up for the fan App. But the secret here is to have them bid on products your sponsor is selling. This engages all aspects of your business to create more revenue for your business partners, team ownership and of course the fans.

blog-image-2 Stadium1 Fan App raffle contest on the mobile device.

Stadium 1 has also created an Employee App that can create a similar point system experience except for team employees. Points can accumulate for being on time, selling the most and closing out to the collected amount. This will put into play another dimension of employee team building and can be fun as your staff competes for prizes and gifts.

blog-image-3Stadium1 Employee App

Fan engagement is a primary concern to all stakeholders and is one of the most talked-about concerns throughout our industry. Stadium 1 is the perfect platform to encompass all the moving parts into ONE offering. The formula for success through technology is to combine management, sponsors, employee and fans into Stadium 1’s unique offering for every aspect of your business. Once your team has bought in to this concept the sky is the limit to create new ideas that will revolutionize and help grow your business.

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About the author — Ed Mullen is an invited nationally recognized speaker and author on sports technology. He performs educational seminars on connectivity solutions for stadium, arenas, sports complexes and college venues. He has managed and implemented over a billion dollars of technology into thousands of sports venues worldwide. His passion and understanding his client’s goals and objectives, enables Ed, and his team to develop, market, and implement these unique sets of SAS services. The results are meeting the needs of his customers, allowing them to maximize their full revenue potential.

Burlington Bees

“The Stadium 1 software solution allowed us to cut down on waste and spoilage while reducing our expenses. The employees learned the software very quickly, while the back end reports gave us the timely real time information we needed. The system significantly helped us improve and streamline our operation throughout the stadium. The software support team is excellent and answered every question promptly before, during and after the season. I can’t image running our stadium operations without Stadium 1.”

Kim Parker
Burlington Bees

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