Partner Tech announces Stadium 1® Software as their Partner of the Year

By Stadium 1

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Partner Tech recently announced that Stadium 1 was awarded their “Partner of the Year” award.  Partner Tech and Stadium 1, both leaders within POS technology solutions for retail and hospitality.  Stadium 1 selected Partner Tech several years ago to assist with both their POS hardware requirements and the extended service requirements for their customers.

“We are pleased to work with Stadium 1 to create a joint solution for the stadiums and other venues that Stadium 1 serves,” said Keith Schroer, VP of Sales and Marketing. The many Partner Tech solutions that are utilized by Stadium 1 are POS terminals, 7” LCD Customer Displays, and cash drawers; they provide the durability and performance that are required to serve many thousands of customers within a very short window of a baseball or football game.  Uptime is mission critical for Stadium 1 and their customers to provide the best possible visitor experience.

Partner Tech recognizes Stadium 1 for being an innovator and leader within the concessions and real-time stadium venue management. Stadium 1 Software President, Bruce Quinn stated, “Our goal is to provide real-time venue management for the entire stadium operation using a unique balance of high-end technology combined with data analysis to empower the fan and employee.” Stadium 1, with their vast first-hand knowledge of stadiums and, more importantly, the “Fan Base” has proven to be beneficial to their clients and also to Partner Tech.  Their knowledge and understanding of a sports franchise, their fan base and how to serve them is incredible; it is a science.  Stadium 1 owner and former NY Yankees pitcher Jeff Nelson remarked, “With the use of Stadium 1 Software, now teams are not the only organization watching the scoreboard to know if they are winning or losing. Stadium 1 gives the operators a great real-time insight to manage profits and costs throughout the event.” Stadium 1 is covering all the bases with the most comprehensive and dynamic Stadium Management system in the market today.


About Partner Tech:
Partner Tech Corporation is a highly respected manufacturer of All-in-one LCD Touch POS terminals, mobile computers and peripherals for retail and hospitality applications with over 20 years of experience internationally, worldwide subsidiary and 2 manufacturing facilities in Asia.  Partner Tech is ranked the #2 provider of POS products in China with growing operations throughout Asia; a successful and expanding business in Europe with offices in Germany and the UK, and a USA organization focused on growth in North and South America. Partner Tech products (Windows and Android based) include a wide range of reliable, cost-effective All-in-One touch terminals, mobile computers, payment terminals, thermal printers, customer displays and touch monitors. Partner Tech is dedicated to designing and manufacturing products specifically for particular environments. As an original manufacturer, Partner Tech offers the ability to provide clients with custom tailored products and solutions that fulfill our customers’ precise needs. At Partner Tech “We Make It POSsible”.


About Stadium 1 Software: Stadium 1 is a dynamic, sophisticated real-time sports management Software Company owned by sports franchise owners and former players with long, successfully careers in technology and entrepreneur-style management. Stadium 1 Software’s goal is to increase revenue and per cap spending while increasing fan loyalty and appreciation. The all-encompassing cloud-based software goes beyond the point-of-sale system to provide an effective control of inventory, payroll, employee scheduling, event management, ticketing integration, and much more. Stadium 1 serves over 50 stadiums and venues across the country and continues to expand with tremendous growth and unparalleled acceptance. “Covering all the bases.”

Sonoma Stompers

“Stadium 1 innovations include a very flexible design, front end POS simplicity, while providing an excellent detailed reporting flow which made it the perfect choice for our team. The unique controls within the Stadium 1 Software platform helped us grow sales inside the Stadium by more than 50%. The GM/Owner APP gave our management team in game numbers we needed to make the right decisions to streamline our operations and incorporate good business practices. The level of support was phenomenal as they helped us every step of the way. I can’t image running our team without Stadium 1”.

Jack Burkham - VP of Operations
Sonoma Stompers

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