Stadium 1 Case Study – Sonoma Stompers

By Ed Mullen

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Conversation with Jack Burkham VP of Operations for the Sonoma Stompers


The ownership group wanted a comprehensive venue management software and hardware system that could help us connect our operation in real time. Sonoma needed a system which linked our POS devices in concessions and merchandise with a built in scheduling system. The organization also wanted to have controls within the system to track beer and wine sales to generate a more profitable growth. Ownership searched for the perfect fit which could offer a stadium solution, (not a restaurant POS), which included the latest technology, and a flexible program to track inventory on an entirely new level. Just as important, we needed a system that implemented controls to let the employees know this year ownership was stepping up to the plate and accounting for all inventory in every location all of the time. Our goal was simple – to select a system connecting our business operation, help us boost the bottom line, while reducing waste and controlling expenses.


Jack Burkham VP of Operations for the Sonoma Stompers said

“Stadium 1 innovations include a very flexible design, front end POS simplicity, while providing an excellent detailed reporting flow which made it the perfect choice for our team. The unique controls within the Stadium 1 software platform helped us grow sales inside the Stadium by more than 50%. The GM/Owner APP gave our management team in game numbers we needed to make the right decisions to streamline our operations and incorporate good business practices. The level of support was phenomenal as they helped us every step of the way. I can’t image running our team without Stadium 1”.

How Stadium 1 Improved our Efficiency on the POS Front End

  • POS was easy to learn and flexible enough to change menus during a game.
  • We increased the line speed with the easy flow of item sales to quickly cash out customers.
  • Credit card processing on all units helped drive a strong increase in wine and beer sales.
  • The deal engine worked great enabling us to deplete inventory which would have gone to waste.

The Value of Stadium 1 Management Reporting in Real Time Was a Home Run

  • Game day sales and expense reports on our I-Phones told us all we needed to know in real time.
  • Reports showing profit margin by items, store and category combined with the cost of goods sold report showed us exactly what we have in inventory at all times. The software helped us in ordering more efficiently and to be ready for home stand ordering trends based on previous sales and staffing counts.

Workforce Management

  • Scheduling within Stadium 1 greatly helped us automate a process that in the past has been difficult to manage by easily exporting the data collected within the system.

Owner GM/APP

  • Gave us real time data to help us determine our revenue vs expenses and to know exactly when to shut down a POS station that is not profitable saving us on extra payroll every game.

World Class Support

  • Support from Ed’s tech team at Stadium 1 has been excellent since day one. Their very professional staff walked us through training and made it very simple for us to learn and navigate through the system. Stadium 1 staff helped us with menu changes in a timely and very responsive way. Their support team has been truly outstanding and I would recommend them as the best software support team in the business. There wasn’t a single time that we called during the season that we didn’t get a response in two or three minutes and have the issue addressed and resolved promptly.

Stadium 1 has Proven to Increase our Revenues

  • Based on attendance and functions of Stadium 1 we were able to increase in-stadium revenue by more than 50%.
  • We cut down on waste by 15% based on the controls within their POS and real time inventory program.
  • We anticipate reducing our payroll expense by 15% for this upcoming season, saving many hours of administrative time each week, with the updated scheduling system built into the POS units and the employee APP.


Daytona Tortugas

“Stadium 1 has been an effective tool that has helped control and streamline our ballpark transactions. We've enjoyed working with the Stadium 1 team and believe that it has helped us become a more efficient franchise."

Ryan Keur
Daytona Tortugas

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