Technology Challenges for Teams and Stadiums

By Ed Mullen

The challenges of today’s technology, software integration and social media are monumental for team owners and general managers. The main challenges are: How to better manage in game operations,maximize all revenue centers, and drive up the per cap while understanding how to cater to customer buying habits and create a customized offering for different types of fans, groups and sponsors.

Stadium One is the common denominator. Stadium One is designed to create a comprehensive stadium software and hardware solution, which enables teams to maximize all revenue centers to the fullest extent while cutting down on theft and waste dramatically. It provides a more effective control of inventory, payroll, employee scheduling, event management and the expense side of the operation.Stadium One integrates team’s POS, offers a robust inventory package, ticketing, accounting links, customer database, event calendar and work force management for scheduling and payrollall into ONE system connected into a GM/Owner APP for easy access of stadium financial and operational data for your team.


This game-changing system offers a suite of products creating new revenue streams, proven to reduce expenses and cut down on food and beverage waste. We do this by implementing a savvy unique innovative software and hardware solution which connects all avenues of the teams business. This revolutionary product is something you have to see to believe. Using the latest hardware which can actually generate revenue for our customers, these units are designed specifically for stadiums and outside weather conditions. We integrate all aspects of the team’s business operations into ONE cloud based system.

To date Stadium One is the fastest growing software company in the stadium and team industry, doubling our clients each year over the last 3 years.

The system is designed specifically for stadium operations, born on-line and created from the ground up with a solid foundation utilizing the latest in cloud based software technology and the most advanced Microsoft programming tools.

Stadium One exists in the market today with tools that can help teams increase revenues, reduce theft and waste, while all departments are connected into a real time system so ownership can make more informed decisions, pre-game and in-game based on integrated technology.

The software and APP’s touch all aspects of the operation including the fan. The new Stadium One Fan Loyalty App is designed specifically to increase the amount a fan spends during a game, or the next series of games. These tools will have fans ordering in an F&B and merchandise frenzy mode to accumulate points, win prizes and promotional items.


These tools allow Stadium One to be used as a comprehensive management program with emphasis onfiltering real time data through sales analytics with the ability to increase revenues and understand their business on an entirely new level.

Stadium One understands the business and knows what a team owner or general manager needs for their business because we are in the business. For example real time reports, APP with the data displayed in a clear and understandable format, to include all drill down capabilities. Tools like the Roving Manager, Executive Dashboard and sales analytics tools all help to operate their business on a new level taking advantage of new age technology and programming.

In today’s market ownership is being tasked with incorporating a fan friendly system which combines speedy POS processing for faster lines and service, in seat ordering for convenience, loyalty points, and interactions with the fans, enabling teams to acquire their data to improve team marketing capabilities. Based on this new age of super exploding instant gratification, where technology meets the business of sports, Stadium One is perfectly positioned to accommodate ownership, employees and fans for a superior game experience, before, during, and after the big game or event.

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Ed Mullen Speaking US Tech Seminar 2015

About Ed Mullen

About the author – Ed Mullen is an invited nationally recognized speaker, performs educational software operations seminars and is an author on sports technology. He has managed and implemented thousands of software systems into sports venues worldwide. His passion and understanding of Stadium 1 client’s goals and objectives enables Ed and his team to develop, market, and implement these unique sets of software services. These results are meeting the needs of his customers, allowing them to maximize their full revenue potential while reducing expenses.

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We looked for a POS system that was flexible, manageable, kept the line moving fast and is easy to use for our employees, Stadium1 fit that bill perfectly. Right from the onset of implementing our F&B inventory files, set up and training, the company’s service and support has been superb. The POS screens are designed for easy entry and the dashboard reporting keeps our management team informed of all of our business operations every minute of every event. Their platform is made for stadiums, and controls inventory like no other system from warehouse entry to the final sale. Stadium 1 brings a new dimension of satisfaction to help our company increase revenues and cut down on expenses.”

Dean O'Brian, CEO/President
DME Sports Services

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