Three Can’t-Miss Tips For Selecting a Stadium POS System

By Ed Mullen

1. Design

Check out the programming design in terms of a smooth fast flow from screen to screen. Be sure the data can be drilled down to a dashboard reporting system; this is a must. Make sure the software program design is set up to generate as much revenue as humanly possible with all sorts of revenue generating tools like: advertising, loaded tickets, quick deals specials just to name a few. Stadium 1’s design is from an owner’s perspective from the top-down with all reports reporting rolling up into an easy to read format.

Simultaneously the core design must contain real-time dashboard reporting for revenue, expenses, payroll, inventory, connected into multiple concession and merchandise stores all potentially running various product promotions during an event.

This must be displayed in an easy to read drill down dashboard format to help managers make quick decisions on how to generate the maximum amount of revenue.

  • Stadium 1 design is from a world-class ownership and programming team that has proven when these tools are implemented correctly can increase revenues by over 22%.



2. Operational Tools

First and foremost, it must be a true stadium hardware platform — not a restaurant system. It must operate properly in this type of environment; our platform is a heavy-duty, commercial-grade, ruggedized and waterproof smart POS terminal that has been custom designed for weather. Combined with software tools such as:

  • a real-time inventory system
  • easy order entry inventory and tracking process
  • stand sheet program
  • built-in scheduling system
  • deal engine for promotional items
  • back screen advertising
  • customer engagement tools
  • suite solution
  • chip card reader with links to Apple Pay and Google Wallet
  • real time dashboard solution with robust reporting and mobile capabilities
  • Stadium 1 operational tools include an arsenal of controls, functions and quick key strokes to keep your stadium operation running smoothly thought the most difficult conditions. It has been proven to reduce expenses by 7%.



3. One Platform Integration

The centerpiece that brings any true POS system together and makes it a viable technology is how it integrates and connects to all its modules. Be sure it is a cloud-based platform with the stadium system connecting into these major components:

  • Able to work off-line if your Internet connectivity goes down
  • Smooth and fast front end POS
  • Back end real-time inventory
  • Deal engine to change product offering in seconds
  • Workforce management with a Scheduling system built-in
  • Employee App
  • Comprehensive cloud dashboard reporting with drill down financial data
  • Advertising on the POS back screen
  • Loaded tickets function for groups and individuals
  • Fan App to engage the fans purchase more
  • Data analysts to understand customers purchase
  • Stadium 1 combines all of these majors programs into ONE comprehensive, user friendly dynamic solution that will take your stadium operation to an entirely new level!


About Stadium 1: Our software was designed specifically for stadium operations. We were born online and created from the ground up with a solid foundation of utilizing the most advanced cloud-based software programming technology tools. The system was designed by a team owner with a world-class technology background. Our background is creating a hardware and software solution focused on implementing the most easy to use software, superior functionality, while creating more ways to be profitable.

Stadium 1 exists in the market today with tools that can help teams increase revenues, reduce theft, and expenses. We link all departments together on a real-time platform so ownership can make more informed pregame, in-game and post-game decisions in a snap, based on our dynamic integrated technology and design.

This revolutionary technology is something you have to see to believe.

To learn more please contact Ed Mullen at or call 561-704-1414.


About the author — Ed Mullen is an invited nationally recognized speaker and author on sports technology. He performs educational seminars on connectivity solutions for stadium, arenas, sports complexes and college venues. He has managed and implemented over a billion dollars of technology into thousands of sports venues worldwide. His passion and understanding his client’s goals and objectives, enables Ed, and his team to develop, market, and implement these unique sets of SAS services. The results are meeting the needs of his customers, allowing them to maximize their full revenue potential.


Tennessee Smokies

"It has been a pleasure working with Stadium 1 over the past two seasons. As we continue to grow, and expand our operation, Stadium 1 has been there with support and insight along the way. We have a better handle on our operation thanks to Stadium 1."

Chris Allen - President & Chief Operating Officer
Tennessee Smokies

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