A new era of trends in stadium technology — What should you be looking for?

By Ed Mullen

A new era of trends in stadium technology — What should you be looking for?

By Ed Mullen, VP, Stadium 1


Technology means many things to many people. Our global economy is on the forefront of new and up-and-coming technologies improvements that will change stadium operations for the better. Things like 5G, stronger WiFi, more powerful mobile devices and cloud-based solutions have begun to change the face of stadium operations.

During the last decade I have visited well over 1,000 stadiums, sports complexes and outdoor venues from the professional and colleges level to the many amateur sports facilities. Here are three major points I have learned and will be trending into the next decade as it relates to technology:

  • All stadiums, regardless of the size, would like to have all their operations, with their hardware and software, on one platform (including Real-time POS, Inventory, Fan App, scheduling, merchandise, ticketing, dashboard reporting).
  • All stadium operators talk about tracking fan activity and analytics, but most don’t have the tools or the resources in many cases to properly understand and track that segment of their business with the tools they currently have in place.
  • All need and want a better understanding on exactly how the ROI from ordering an in-house system can create and justify the cost of a new integrated platform. This is a system that will encompass all stadium operations, engage fans, satisfy employees and take ownership to a new level of competence, control and ultimately success.

Stadium 1 has developed a one platform design incorporating hardware designed for stadium usage with a sound commercial grade, water-resistant smart terminal that automatically creates backups and runs on MS Windows. This is the direction teams are moving towards. This hardware platform designed and developed with Stadium 1 software can seriously help change the face of stadium operations for concessions and merchandise within your venue. Combine that hardware with the most comprehensive software package that includes the following:

  • All-in-one POS stations with mobile capabilities designed for easy entry to speed up lines; these can work off-line if needed
  • Self-service terminals–designed to be convenient for fans
  • Real-time inventory with stand sheet mobility
  • Built-in scheduling system
  • Dynamic dashboard reports updating every 10 seconds
  • Box office integration
  • Fan and employee app
  • Credit card processing with chip card readers in full compliance

Fan engagement activity is talked about coast to coast at all levels of ownership and management that want to engage. Stadium 1 has found the perfect blend of a phone app combined with a smooth easy layout screen, that at the end of the day will make your fan another extension of the team. It connects them to our custom-designed loyalty program, which engages them through dollars they directly spend with the team in your stadium or facility. The concept has proven to be a winner for the fans, employees and ownership.

Connectivity is one of the keys to success of any cloud- and or mobile-based network. Lately there has been talk about the 5G networks and yes, that is happening, but it will take a while to roll out the data connection needed to build out their national networks.

ROI can be achieved through these dynamic functions of Stadium 1 core programming and design from an ownership perspective. We built our program from the ground up. We reviewed every channel of revenue, expense, waste and theft within a stadium. Here are several ways to recapture your investment:

  • The deal engine quickly and efficiently can sell items by type, stand, date and time. This can generate tremendous revenue by selling items that will go to waste and or blow out items from inventory which are slow movers. Earlier this year I was at a stadium where in the seventh inning they had 100 hamburgers left. With Stadium 1 technology they flashed a deal on the POS screen and sold 90 of them for ($4) four dollars, totaling $360. This times 70 games add up to $25,200 in revenue.
  • Our dashboard reporting can quickly calculate expenses versus sales at a concession stand, making it easy to close a stand. By closing a stand just 30 minutes early teams can save thousands in yearly compensation.
  • The updated stand sheet offers a wide variety of efficient tracking sequences of every item from the warehouse to the concession and merchandise stand. Using the robust functionality within the stand sheet we have been able to reduce theft and waste from this one-of-a-kind tracking tool within the software.
  • Admin time savings– The combination of implementing all your spreadsheets and reporting into ONE all-encompassing hardware and software platform will cut down on administrate time going back and forth from the spreadsheet to entries input within the system. This comprehensive offering incorporates all functions of inventory entry, tracking, and sales into ONE convenient platform to handle all your operational needs.

In summary: the product and services Stadium 1 offers were inspired and passionately created to help industry people improve and control their stadium operations. At the end of the day Stadium 1 solves your business challenges by implementing a one-of-a-kind platform that has been making a positive difference in the bottom line for many teams over the years. We are now in 30 states, multiple sports leagues, and all types of various venues coast to coast. This is our business and we are specialists in this field: it’s our niche, and we look forward to speaking with you soon to help your team’s challenges.

Give us a try–call Ed Mullen at 561-704-1414 to connect on our monthly webinar today, or contact him at ed.mullen@stadium1.com.


About the author — Ed Mullen is an invited nationally recognized speaker and author on sports technology. He performs educational seminars on stadium software solutions. Ed has managed and implemented thousands of sports oriented technology software systems into sports venues worldwide with over a billion dollars of sales globally. His passion and understanding of Stadium1 client’s goals and objectives, enables Ed, and his team to develop, market, and implement these unique sets of software services. The results are meeting the needs of his customers, allowing them to maximize their full revenue potential.

Savannah Bananas

“With all the options for POS technology in the market, we chose Stadium 1 and have remained with them since our very first season.
We are thankful for their willingness to be available at all times to help keep Stadium 1 at peak performance.
We look forward to seeing continued innovation from Stadium 1 to help deliver the best experience for our fans and grow our business.”

Jared Orton, President
Savannah Bananas

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